2012 Indy Fringe Preview

Tonight’s the night any theater geek in Indianapolis lives for: the kickoff of the Fringe Festival. Ten days when we can gorge ourselves on daring theater until we can’t see straight.

I spent some time this evening at the IndyFringe preview party, where all Fringe performers are given two minutes to show what they’ve got. I didn’t stay for the entire preview session (there were a lot of performers, and there was Yats to be eaten), but here are the shows that caught my attention, in no particular order:

The Blue Monkey Sideshow Presents “New Blue”

I’ve seen Blue Monkey Sideshow back when I was in college in North Carolina, and had no idea they were based in Indy. If you’ve never seen a sideshow before, it’s a fascinating and quirky art form all its own. Sword swallowing, glass-walking, juggling and more are promised.

From Hipster to Dipster

When my friend Sara Croft asked me to go to this show with her, I wasn’t so sure. The description about a hipster-turned-dad didn’t speak to me, since I don’t actually like children. But after seeing his two minutes, I’m convinced. Funny, raunchy and raw. I’ll be seeing this show soon.

Just Amazing: TRIGG Watson

I’m a sucker for magic, and Trigg knows how to work a crowd. The tricks he showed off at the preview weren’t anything special–a cute bit with a sign, some standard rope tricks–but great magicians are less about trickery and more about making us want to believe. I want to believe this guy.

Phil Van Hest: Public Nudity

Fringe aficionado Lorraine Ball raves about this Fringe veteran’s performance, and I could see why. Funny in a very smart way. Don’t know much about his show, but interested in learning more.

Donating Sperm to My Sister’s Wife

What a title, right? Stewart Huff’s thick southern drawl and endearing depiction of his family (“I have two sisters–one’s a lesbian and one’s handicapped. I’m a traveling comedian. Aren’t my parents proud?”) has me interested to see what more there is to this story.

Storms Beneath Her Skin

I was fascinated by this show from the description, and the preview didn’t disappoint. This is the autobiographical tale of Rebecca Kling, a transgendered woman. She speaks frankly on a complex issue, and I can’t wait to hear more.

Do Re Me Fa So Latino

You know that ASPCA commercial with “Angel” playing and the sad puppies? Yeah, they played that song to drum up sympathy for a poor Honduran. Absolutely hysterical. I had little interest in this show beforehand, but now it’s on my must-see list.


This was less a preview and more an explanation of a high concept. This is a long-form improv bit that will feature two different performers every show. They’ll play the role of a deceased auctioneer’s family disposing of his warehouse full of belongings–only the actors won’t know what they’re auctioning until showtime. They promise some will be funny, some will be dark, some will be touching. Also, audience members can bid on the props and walk away with a piece of the show. Points for creativity.

Sirens Chasing the Sun

An incredibly raunchy musical duo, these ladies had the entire room howling with their song about a mean pussy who’s mostly orange with a little bit of white. I can’t describe it–trust me on this one. It may also be one of your only chances to hear an entire room of Hoosiers yelling “PUSSY!”

Whew! And that’s just the shows we saw previews for. It’s going to be a busy ten days. Check back for reviews of shows just as fast as my fingers can type ’em.

About allisonlcarter

I’m a 20-something native Hoosier living and working in the Circle City. I have a wonderful job in marketing and spend my free time consuming stories–theater, TV, movies, books, you name it. This blog will focus on pop culture of all kinds, with a special emphasis on news, analysis and reviews of things happening right here in Indy. Follow me on Twitter @AllisonLCarter
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