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I’m a 20-something native Hoosier living and working in the Circle City. I have a wonderful job in marketing and spend my free time consuming stories–theater, TV, movies, books, you name it. This blog will focus on pop culture of all kinds, with a special emphasis on news, analysis and reviews of things happening right here in Indy. Follow me on Twitter @AllisonLCarter

Coming Home: Storytellers Kim Weitkamp and Bil Lepp

There are some stories that transport us to far-off lands or long-ago times. There are stories that whisk us off to places that have only ever existed in our collective imaginations. But then there are other tellers who focus on … Continue reading

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Go Tell It on the Mountain: Songs and Stories of Light

To be honest, I had a hard time convincing people to come see this storytelling concert, presented by husband-and-wife team Kim and Reggie Harris. “No, it’s great!” I assured them. “They’re awesome musicians and they specialize in songs and stories … Continue reading

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Scary Stories, Scary Experiences: Ghost Stories at Crown Hill

When I was a kid, I hated being scared. I distinctly remember my mom taking my brother and me to the haunted house at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis one year. We paid for our tickets and waited in the … Continue reading

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World Made of Steel, Made of Stone: Flashdance the Musical

The ’80s were unquestionably the age of the great dancing movies. You had Footloose, Dirty Dancing and, of course, Flashdance. You can easily remember these because Footloose is the one with Kevin Bacon, Dirty Dancing is the one with Patrick Swayze and Flashdance is the one with the bucket of … Continue reading

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A Musical Time Machine: Patrick Ball in Celtic Harp and Story

When I first heard that Patrick Ball would be playing the Celtic harp, my mind naively went to the cute little hand harps you might find someone plucking on in an Irish pub on two-for-one pint night. But no, this … Continue reading

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We’ll Find a New Way of Living: West Side Story

Spoiler alert: West Side Story is a tragedy. No matter how many times you see it, no matter how badly you want it to end differently, everyone is really pretty terrible. Time and again there are opportunities to prevent the tragedies, and … Continue reading

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Would You Take the Pill? Kevin Kling and Storytelling Arts of Indiana

Some would say storyteller Kevin Kling’s been given a hard lot in life. He was born with only four fingers on his left hand, and then later lost the use of his right arm in a motorcycle accident. As part … Continue reading

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American Idiot: Part Performance Art, Part Music Video, All Loud

The original American Idiot album was written by alt band Green Day in 2004. Ubiquitous songs like “Holiday,” “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” and the eponymous “American Idiot” formed a kind of backdrop to my junior and senior years of high school. I … Continue reading

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By the Power You Are Healed: Sister Act

For the past two days, I’ve been fighting a cold that’s left my head afog and my nose asnot. I strongly considered ditching not just Sister Act, but this whole day. I wanted to curl under the covers with a box … Continue reading

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Tight Harmonies, Tight Stories in Jersey Boys

I first saw Jersey Boys when it came to Indy a few years ago. When people asked me about it, I would answer that it was a good show–for a jukebox musical. This sub-genre of musicals relies on the work of a … Continue reading

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